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Je suis un développeur d’application Android dans mon temps libre, et j’aimerais par ce site web vous faire partager mon expérienceI’m an Android developer in my free time, and I try to share my experience with this website

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  1. Hey there,

    Fantastic app! I have used it loyally for over two years and I recommend it to everybody! I wondered if it would be possible and reasonable to ask for a ‘write word’ function on the vocabulary lists? Like the ‘write kanji’ function, but for complete words? Maybe not. I imagine that would be a lot of work, but if so, that would be incredible. You are fantastically generous for offering such an incredible app for free. I intend to donate when I have a decent amount to give. Thank you so much!

    1. This idea is fantastic. I would love a vocabulary test that chooses words based on the kanji selected foe kanji practice and has the user enter answers by correctly writing the word.

  2. Dear sir,

    I would like to thank you for developing such a very useful product. I use Obenkyo for my study of the Japanese language. I have recommended it also to my friends.

    I am writing to inquire as to how can I backup my Obenkyo data from an Nexus 7 device and then restore it (after executing a factory reset). After installing Lollipop my Nexus crashes and I want to go back to Kitkat. I am already in the middle of the kanji list and I would like to keep my status instead of doing everything from the start.

    I hope you can find time to answer this query. Again, thanks for such a wonderful tool.

    R. Martinez

  3. This App looks really, really good for studying Japanese!
    Unfortunately I have an iPhone, so I wanted to ask if there are any Plans to release an iOS Version of the App. That Would be great!

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